VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets - Commitment to Quality

VULCAN Polycarbonate (PC) sheets use only 100% Virgin UV stabilized material from Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Science - Makrolon), GE (Lexan) and Mitsubishi.

Only by using 100% Virgin material we are able to guarantee quality and warrant our products for 10 years and more.

Using 100% Virgin material is the only way to retain its excellent properties such as durability and high-impact resistance.

Sheets made from recycled material or when blended with PET, tend to lose its strength and clarity in less than 6 six months.

What is a Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate (PC) are a particular group of thermoplastic polymers which offers excellent optical clarity and instills a combination of unique properties, making it a good choice for safety and security glazing to fit in a wide variety of applications.  Its lighter weight (1/3 of acrylic and 1/6 of glass) and versatility makes it easy to install and bent to form to meet different requirements.  When combined with UV surface coating, PC sheet enhances protection against light transmission losses and yellowing caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.

What are its properties?

Extremely high impact resistance
Nearly unbreakable, VULCAN PC sheets have 250 times the impact strength over glass and 10 times over FRP and Acrylic, which lowers the risk of breakage even when subjected to violent blows from heavy objects.

High resistance to climatic change
Using UV-absorbing agents (benzotriazoles) as surface coating, VULCAN PC sheets are protected against loss of clarity due to the yellowing caused by extreme heat and sunlight.  VULCAN Polycarbonate sheets use only Clariant CESA Light UV and Light Stabilizers; which absorbs 99.5% of harmful UV wavelengths between 290~400nm.

Design Flexibility
VULCAN polycarbonate sheets can be tailored to provide optimal light transmission (ranging from 20% to 88%) enabling the designer to create interesting solutions for naturally lit interiors.

Fire Retardant
One of the key characteristics of this high polymer is its excellent resistance to flame and stability in heat, making it a suitable choice in dry, heated areas.

Energy Saving
VULCAN polycarbonate sheets can be produced with a wide range of propriety materials that has better thermal insulation properties than other light transmitting glazing materials, thus making them the first choice for energy efficient light transmitting constructions.  These properties lead to tremendous energy savings (by reducing the load on air conditioning), resulting in huge cost savings (in terms of Initial capital - lower tonnage and required & recurring cost - owing to the lower power consumption).

Ease of handling and installation
The light weight of VULCAN PC sheets makes them easy to handle and can be cut to fit at site with minimum tooling.  Lighter weight also eliminates the need for heavy support structures, meaning reduced cost.