VULCAN Polycarbonate (PC) sheets use weathering resistant UV and Light stabilizers which is co-extruded, or some say coated, on top of the UV stabilized Base material.

Co-Extrusion is a process that ensures an evenly spread, evenly thick base and UV resistant coating.  A common misconception is, the thicker the co-extruded layer, the more resistant it is - which is only half true.  The other half of the equation is, how the UV stabilizer is formulated - not all UV stabilizers are formed equal, and you get what you pay for.

Our Clariant CESA Light UV and Light Stabilizers uses a Covestro UV stabilized base with added weathering resistant material formulated into master-batches by Clariant Swiss, and which effectively blocks harmful UV rays from 280~400nm.

​With the help of this layer of co-extruded coating, VULCAN Polycarbonate (PC) sheets lasts longer, has better weather resistance properties, and most of all, protect humans and living organisms from harmful ultraviolet rays.  Our machines use only the best co-extrusion dies from the industry leading EDI (Nordson Extrusion Dies Incorporated).​